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Felton Ninja Academy

Felton Ninja Academy is a family-owned company dedicated to providing exceptional teaching in a safe premium environment for the Tustin community. We strive to provide personalized learning for every skill level.

Our Ninja Warrior Parkour program is a mix of body movement, creativity, strength, and agility. Students gain self-confidence as they grow with more skills. Parkour is a great workout while having the time of your life. Mr. Felton is one of the highest-ranked coaches in Southern California who possesses 20+ years of experience in parkour training. Come on in to try out the awesome obstacle courses we offer!

Here at Felton Ninja Academy, we believe that Martial Arts is the missing piece in every person’s life – no matter their age, athletic experience, or personal background. But this art form goes beyond kicks and punches. Training in martial arts helps to strengthen the mind and spirit as well as the body. At Felton Ninja Academy we will help you master your roundhouse kick AND teach you values of respect, perseverance, and confidence. We are committed to helping each and every student reach their fullest potential. Get started today!

Felton Ninja Academy Programs Offered:

Felton Ninja Academy Parkour

Looking to be just like an American Ninja Warrior? Look no further. At Felton Ninja Academy, we provide parkour/free running obstacles in a safe environment that can challenge students of all levels. Here, we nourish coordination, self-confidence, speed, grace, efficiency, and fun!

Parkour groups:

  • Little ninjas ages 3-5
  • Kids 5-12
  • Teens and Adults 12+
  • Women Only 18+

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Felton Ninja Academy Martial Arts

Our goal is to always provide the highest quality learning of martial arts. The curriculum includes but is not limited to: American tae kwon do, Kenpo karate, and kickboxing. We facilitate a positive environment where students of all ages can practice the core values of martial arts and possess values of discipline, respect, courage, and strength along with other life characteristics that help them grow to become the best version of themselves.

Martial arts groups:

  • Little ninjas ages 3-5
  • Kids ages 5-12
  • Teens and Adults 12 and over

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Felton Ninja Academy

17612 E 17th St. unit 100B Tustin, CA 92780

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